Project: Terra concept store
Location: Syros – Ermoupoli
Date: March 2016 – April 2016
Size: 32 m²
State: completed
Client: Terra store
Photos: George Sfakianakis


Terra Concept just opened their new store in the island of Syros, on a busy commercial street in the city centre of Ermoupolis. The store is on the ground floor of a 19th century building. The most important part of the design concept was to enhance the historic elements of the building and restore the materials that were damaged over the years.
The marble façade and the traditional metal railings on the windows are restored.
The original two shops are merged into one and the supplementary attic that covered almost the entire space is limited to a small storage space, leaving a 5 meter ceiling height to the store. The added wall plaster is removed to reveal the original stone and the floor tiles are replaced with a herringbone solid wood flooring. The architects created site specific furnishings for showcasing the design products using solid materials such as marble, metal and wood. Lighting was also an important aspect in the design process, aiming to highlight the store’s pieces but also the store itself. So, metal lighting tubes were placed behind the display windows and numerous metal spotlights inside the store.
Warm woods, marble and metal complement the historic building, modern and classic elements are blended, creating an overall feeling of harmony, connecting the past with the present.