Project: 72AD Hotel
Location: Thessaloniki, Greece
Date: May 2020 – May 2022
Size: 560 m²
State: completed
Photos: George Sfakianakis


A 1930’s Art Deco preserved building finds new life as a boutique hotel in the upper center of Thessaloniki.
Comprising 12 tailor made guest rooms and a deluxe penthouse apartment with its own private jacuzzi on the roof patio, 72 AD design bridges past and present combining Art Deco with contemporary elements through vibrant colours, curvilinear geometry and bespoke handmade craftsmanship.
The exterior of the building echoes the geometric patterns of Art Deco, originally designed by the architect G. Manousos, who left his trademark buildings in the urban landscape of Thessaloniki. The new design approach was to bring new life to this building, highlighting its heritage while embodying new and fresh elements to its character. The historic facade has been refurbished to return to its original glory. The hotel’s interior design still draws inspiration from the patterns and geometries of Art Deco while channelling a sense of sophistication.
Entering the building original archways, cement tiles and the terrazzo staircase are complemented by bronze glass and black lacquer. The mosaic tiles that cover the floor on the lobby were hand-laid by local craftsmen.
A custom seating bench is set around an orthogonal plant box that acts as a backdrop for guests relaxing at the hotel’s lobby. Bespoke brass lighting fixtures and furniture, including metal, glass and marble tables round up 72AD’s tactile interiors.
The 12 guest rooms along with the deluxe penthouse were colour coded according to each level’s layout. Underpinned by a bright colour palette of peach pink, green and yellow mixed with black accents on metal and lacquered surfaces and marked by tactile materials like timber flooring and bronze glass, the revamped interiors project the discreet elegance of the hotel’s distinct aesthetics.