Project: 5 Grains Coffee & Nuts
Location: Thessaloniki
Date: November 2017 – December 2017
Size: 32 m²
State: completed
Client: undisclosed
Photos: George Sfakianakis

5Grains is a small Coffee and Nuts store in Thessaloniki. It combines the contemporary quality-coffee place characteristics with bits of Scandinavian minimalism and materiality.
The ample use of white, sets the tone for a bright material combination that connotes a happy and relaxed Sunday-morning feeling.
The trademark tile pattern on the counter, visible and prominent/distinct/evident from inside and out, is replicated to decorating the roof, using wood sticks that organize the lighting. Thus, creating a coherent composition that complements the minimal, functionalistic design of the store.
Despite the confined space, there was a design direction to emphasize the storefront by framing it in wood. A sense of depth is created that way, while the functional benefits include an exterior extension of the bar-bench and an integrated/embedded sitting area.